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Receive as much as 2% cash back at closing while working with experienced mortgage and real estate pros. Our network of professionals have extensive experience working with home buyers, including identifying financing options and connecting buyers with realtors that specialize in their target area. Use our do-it-yourself functions to perform your own home search, set up alerts for properties that match your criteria, request property viewings, run mortgage and payment calculators, and many more.

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Step 1: Discover your buying power:

One of the most important first steps for a buyer is creating a household budget that you will be comfortable with. What is the maximum mortgage payment you can afford and just because you can afford it, does that mean you should? Through Cash Back Real Estate .com we will help you through this discovery process by analyzing your income, reviewing your debt, and calculating both a recommended payment (no higher than 30% of your income) and a maximum payment. Get started by answering a few brief questions and our team will begin analyzing your results.

Step 3: Schedule your property showings

The last and final step is the most exciting. With our tools you are able to schedule a showing with the click of a button. No need to call anyone and wait for a call back or play phone tag. Just point and click. Once you register your account we will start the process.